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The ‘TRANSLOOP’ is an automated looping system using fabricated pouring pallets with wheels built into the pallets, from our partner Transtek. This system uses a hydraulic  ‘push on’ system mounted outside the track system and the opposite transfer car includes a ‘pull-on’ mechanism which locks the pouring pallet on to the transfer car..

Automated foundry casting and cooling lines.


Key features of TRANSLOOP- Automatic Casting & Cooling Line

  • Unique car and pallet design which allows for maintenance without stopping the production line

  • There is an air gap between car and pallet for heat removal

  • No hydraulics, pneumatics or electrics under or near lines so that each pallet can be used for pouring

  • Mechanical docking of transfer cars to the lines, flawless indexing

  • Laser monitoring or transfer car travel, absolute control and perfect positioning

  • Independent pushed for each line

  • Pusher position and proportional speed control, inverter-driven transfer car motors, smooth start and stop

  • Can be adapted to fit any reclamation system with wipe off station and/or hydraulic tilting station

  • PLC automatic operation

  • 10″ full-colour HMI touchscreen on the operator panel & 10″ CCTV monitoring at either side of the lines giving full control and diagnostics

Gravity Casting & Cooling




FMS offer a range of manual casting line systems (Gravity Casting) to suit all foundry applications to include:

  • Gravity roller tracks

  • Ball tables

  • 90-degree bends

  • Lift up access gates

  • Transfer cars

  • Transfer junctions

  • Scissor lifts/drop tables

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